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  1. I was looking at RGUS’s gallery on Renderosity and saw your comment. Let me tell you how REFRESHING it is to see a critique that says something other than awsome, fatastic, beautiful…and so on. I could not find a way to reply on Renderosity, other than your link to here, so this is the forum I’m using! It is nice to see a critique that is something other than JUST a glowing endorsement. You give the guy his props for a good picture, but you are not afraid to put in a comment on how it could be better. I wish more people would have the courage to do that. (And I am NOT normally one of them UNLESS they ask for critical comments. Partially because a lot of my issues with the images on Renderosity I am not sure how much is under the artist’s control and how much of it is just part of the program.)

    Anyway, thanks for the refreshing change of pace.


    – – –
    (aRtBee: michael refers to my comment on Living the Dream, by RGUS)

  2. Hello aRTbee,

    Just thought I’d check out your site.
    I hope to be as good as you someday.

  3. Your contribution in the Renderosity form dynamic cloth room is so much appreciated. You have an insight into the reasons for why the program works the way it does. I was just groping around in the dark. You explain very well. Thanks again.

  4. Hello.

    Long time no see. I hope all is well. I noticed that you no longer have content for your Poser Missing Manuals. I was going to do a promo for this on Renderosity’s Poser Facebook page … but with no reference I had to change my focus.

    Silly as this sounds, I also owe you an apology … When you so graciously offered your reference material in a thread I added a reference to bagginsbill … it went a little crazy at that point and your post was lost in the shift in focus. I am sorry about that. It certainly was not my intention. I also left you a note in site-mail and a thread at Rendo about your “where-a-bouts”.

    Hope to hear from you soon. You are a valuable resource and a great help.

    Boni L. Meredith

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