Who is aRtBee?

On one hand, my nickname sounds like Art and (busy) Bee. Which makes me part of the ‘Beehive Clan’ together with my friends Shell Bee, Wood Bee, Can Bee and Angel B. We had a lot of fun, doing graphics projects together and organizing workshops on 3D Graphics and Photography. And I do like some honey colored accents on my site, too.

On the other hand, my nickname sounds like my initials R t B, for Ronald ter Burg, the Netherlands, 1958. For about ten years I am consultant and interim manager on Business and Project Controls. Mainly outdoor infrastructure, like roads and tracks. Before that, I wandered around in telecoms (ten years too), and before that I worked on ICT projects and teached classes on design methods and applied math (another ten years). Before that, I studied physics, and graduated as well.

Since those early days I liked the graphics part of computing most. From the green monochrome Tektronics terminals, the character graphics for the Hack game (now: NetHack), the 8-bit colored piecharts in Lotus 123, the 16-bit colored sprites for the Asteroids and Racing games, to the capabilities of 3D Studio (for DOS!) and the still exiting POV (Persistence of Vision).

High end PC’s were required to run the first versions of Bryce (2 and on), Vue d’Esprit (2 and on) and Poser (1 and up). Some of them evolved to great hights, like Vue, Poser and Carrara. Bryce lagged more and more behind, while others didn’t make it (MojoWorld, as in The Day After Tomorrow) or struggle for life (Terragen). From 3D Studio I migrated to 3DS MAX easily especially when the Windows NT machines kicked in, and I saw high end packs decimating their pricing schedules to keep up with serious candidates “from below the line” like Cinema4D in which I did some price-winning shorts (well, local competition that was).

Okay, so here I am, after many years of strolling around in the Computer Graphics arena, following developments and making some websites, images and shorts. But without real focus. Until now, from where I’ll take the route to merge Graphics techniques and Photograpic principles.

And this is my website. Enjoy.


… That’s Me !

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Movie is an ad for Accenture, 2010. It applies to me so well …

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