Dutch Meadows Series

The ‘Dutch Meadows’ image series is based on the pictures shot by landscape photographer Ron ter Burg (www.ronterburg.com and www.facebook.com/RonterBurgPhotography) in the North-East part of the Netherlands.

Some of those pictures were used for inspiration for Vue landscape scenes, which then were build for various seasons and weather conditions (Summer, Winter, Autumn, …)

Click the image… for details and full size shots.
DM A A – Pingo Vagevuur
(Lake View)
DM B B – Oostervoortse diep I
DM C C – Oostervoortse diep II
DM D D – Reflections
(Canal View)
DM E E – Drentsche Aa
DM F F – After the Rain
(Mill View)
DM G G – Ezinge Winterdijk
(Dike View)

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