Good Morning Vue

my contribution to the e-on Vue Environment Competition, last summer. I especially like the sun reflections in the curved buildings.   Building blocks from Dystopia, objects from everywhere, lot of retexturing. Completion and Rendering required a 64-bit system due to memory requirements, and took 1 hour at 1024×820 broadcast quality (Vue Complete 9 – i7-990X @4GHz). The final version 7000×5000 took 48 hours.

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Turning Torso’s

The Turning Torso images were inspired on the Malmö Turning Torso, and the freebie unit modeled by ColaCola.   By placing three of them together, the 90* twist makes that all sides are in view. Camera at the floor looking upright, with some trees for depth and color contrast, rendered in Vue.

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Dmytry’s Planet (shots)

Dmytry’s planet panoramas were made with the MojoWorld generator, deploying Dmytry’s volumetrics plugin. MojoWorld generates entire planets (terrains, clouds, oceans, forests, …) in 3D, eventually animated as well. From that planet, various shots were rendered. Click a thumbnail above, and enjoy the shots. You can switch to slideshow-mode as well. Some of the shots were then assembled into two full 360* panoramas, which you can see here and here. aRtBee 2008

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