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Turning Torso’s

The Turning Torso images were inspired on the Malmö Turning Torso, and the freebie unit modeled by ColaCola.   By placing three of them together, the 90* twist makes that all sides are in view. Camera at the floor looking upright, with some trees for depth and color contrast, rendered in Vue. 2 I like This

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Wallpapers I

Here are some Wallpapers, just for you. Right-click, then Save As, to grab them. Just resize or adjust them to your own requirements. 1. Machine Hall Moto 2560 x 1280 dual monitor wallpaper. Machine Hall and two Harley Indian Summer cycles, rendered in Bryce. 2. Cornfield 2560 x 1024 dual monitor wallpaper. Dream scene. Composition and color balances represent full harmony, the barn and woods at the left represent shelter, the birds at the right represent interese and dynamics. 3.…

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