Vue desert shot. More of those in the Landscape galleries.

Just practicing mug shots.
See more of them in the Portraits galleries.

Ground portion of “Good morning Vue!”. See more of these in the Landscape galleries.

Through the Looking Glass, study on refraction. See more of these in the Work in Progress section.

Shot from an ice skating study. See more of these in the Portraits galleries.

Finale of “Mirror in Mirror”. See more of these in the Animation galleries.

Sky portion of “Good morning Vue!”. See more of these in the Landscapes galleries.

Photorealistic Computer Imaging using Vue, Poser and more


PanoramasOutdoor scenes, Architecture, Indoor shots and more, using software like Vue and some Bryce and mojoWorld too.


Facials, body shots, group takes and scenes mainly done in Poser, some with DazStudio, some with special rendering (LuxRender, Octane).
Warning / hint: some artistic nudity ahead.


From hyper-slideshows to real shorts, from outdoor fly-by’s to dance events, as long as it takes music and movement: I’m happy.
There are some oldies too.

Early Works

Pro’s never do it on their site, but I’m happy to show some growth over the years.
– From old site logo’s (3DS Max)
– To scenes using any software around,
– And some animations too.