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Vue desert shot. More of those in the Landscape galleries.

Enjoy the work of other artists.
They are just My Favorites.
More of them in the Inspiration section.

Just practicing mug shots.
See more of them in the Portraits galleries.

You can download some desktop wallpapers too. More of them in the ‘For You…’ section.

Ground portion of “Good morning Vue!”. See more of these in the Landscape galleries.

Through the Looking Glass, study on refraction. See more of these in the Work in Progress section.

Shot from an ice skating study. See more of these in the Portraits galleries.

Finale of “Mirror in Mirror”. See more of these in the Animation galleries.

Sky portion of “Good morning Vue!”. See more of these in the Landscapes galleries.

Photorealistic Computer Imaging using Vue, Poser and more


PanoramasOutdoor scenes, Architecture, Indoor shots and more, using software like Vue and some Bryce and mojoWorld too.


Facials, body shots, group takes and scenes mainly done in Poser, some with DazStudio, some with special rendering (LuxRender, Octane).
Warning / hint: some artistic nudity ahead.


From hyper-slideshows to real shorts, from outdoor fly-by’s to dance events, as long as it takes music and movement: I’m happy.
There are some oldies too.

Works in Progress

Any ongoing project in any category which has no finished results yet.
Note that the Projects menu also presents some finished projects that deserve a How-to ‘ish presentation.

Tutorials and Reviews

Do visit Missing Manuals, my site on:
– the magz 3DWorld, 3D Creative, CG Arena
– Library of links to artists, studios, …
– Running out of Memory – a 32-bit issue
– Poser – deal with CPU, RAM, File handling
– Correction for Exposure or Gamma?
– Render Passes, Dynamic Cloth & Hair
– and more…


Artists, works, shorts, galleries, websites – anything goes. My Favorites actually, but not only the names and links. Enjoy, and get inspired.
Please note that this section refers to the works of other people, not mine.
Warning / hint: some artistic nudity ahead.

For you…

Some images are made to be used, instead of to be displayed only.
Desktop Wallpapers
– and more stuff
They all come free, naturally.

Early Works

Pro’s never do it on their site, but I’m happy to show some growth over the years.
– From old site logo’s (3DS Max)
– To scenes using any software around,
– And some animations too.

Contact & About

Like to send me a message?
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2013 Favorites

Claudia (aka 76Claudia2205) – Poser girls Look at me (Dec 21) Julia (Dec 19) Sylvie (Nov 01) Happy Halloween (Oct 30) Aisha (Oct 28) Sapphire (Aug 30) VH Zinnia (Jun 26) Hopes and Dreams (Apr 08) Happy Valentine (Feb 10) Anita (Feb 02) Brandy E (aka -BrandyE-) – Poser girls Autumn Love (Dec) Autumn Eyes (Dec) Cherry Bomb (Dec) Preternaturally Perky (Nov) Pretty Punky (Nov) Steampunk Sweetheart (Oct) Neon (Oct) Victorian Rose (Oct) Caisson – Poser and more Head Shot…

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2012 Favorites

76Claudia2205 – Poser portraits, good renders Dark Leia Caisson – Poser portraits, quite good Circle v2 The Fox (reprise) Questions, Questions CWRW – Horses or course Ultra DH2 in Progress Spirit Horse II Cielo Fand – Nude Photography, the real thing The Look (Dec) Your Wish … (Dec) Blue and Pink (Dec) Kind of Blue (Nov) Red (Nov) I heart Dancers (Oct) Smoulder (Oct) Don’t Look Back (Oct) Classic (Sept) New Shoot (Sept) Flint Hawk – Horses, birds and more nature…

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The Forest (WIP)

Outdoor Visualization. version 1 Vue render. This is a classic scene build by Stonemason. For Vue, the best lighting and atmosphere has to be sorted out. Next versions should include some snakes as well. 1 I like This

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Al Khimia (WIP)

Architectural Visualization. version 1 Vue render. I need some work on the outdoor lighting shining in, and I want the Jessica Rabbit single on the stand in the middle, doing some aria. 1 I like This

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ToadStool Lane (WIP)

Single house architectural visualization (arch-viz). version 1   Vue render. I don’t like the bright trees at night, and the house could use some more elaborate and more exiting lighting, indoors as well as outdoors. 0 I like This

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